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I am a Scottsdale native and have been a resident activist in Scottsdale for many years. My goals for Council are:
  • Protect your neighborhoods from harmful development
  • Defend Scottsdale's special character
  • Approve conservative fiscal policies
  • Promote tourism and small business, and above all,
  • Support public safety to protect your neighborhoods and keep you safe.
I will continue to vote to protect your neighborhoods from harmful development. Too often I have watched citizens ask Council to protect their neighborhoods from unwanted development, only to see their concerns ignored. I will continue to vote against developments such as Southbridge II which negatively impact your neighborhoods and quality of life.

I was the first Councilmember to oppose the DDC/Desert EDGE project which would have opened the door to commercial development inside our Preserve. And I supported Proposition 420 which prohibits commercial development inside the Preserve in the future.

Because I am a fiscal conservative, I have fought to keep our taxes low. And as Chairperson of Scottsdale's Audit Committee, I work hard to keep city government free of fraud, waste, and misuse of taxpayer resources.

I support tourism, small business and will defend Scottsdale's special character. I will continue to work to attract new businesses and events to Scottsdale. I also support the galleries, restaurants and shops in our Downtown that contribute to our economy and to Scottsdale's unique reputation for arts and culture.

I work with our Human Services staff to help Scottsdale residents in need find food, shelter and employment in these difficult times.

I support public safety. Residents deserve a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and raise their families. Keeping you safe will continue to be my #1 priority.

I would be honored to receive your vote in the upcoming city election.

Paid for by "Vote Littlefield," Authorized by Kathy Littlefield.
8926 E. Sheena Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
(602) 228-9145