Scottsdale City Councilwoman
Kathy Littlefield

Why I Am Running For Re-election:
Scottsdale citizens need a strong representative voice on the Council focused on their behalf, and I believe my record during my first term proves I am that voice. Too often, citizen concerns are ignored by the very Councilmembers who owe their positions to those voters. I have seen citizens come to Council regarding issues that affect their neighborhoods, urging restraint on building densities and heights. Too often, I have seen their voices being ignored. I am a Councilmember who listens with an open mind. And I have fought for Residents in all parts of our beautiful city, North, Central and South.

There is no better example of my commitment to protect Scottsdale's quality of life and the taxpayers' pocketbook than my steadfast opposition to the Desert Discovery Center/Desert EDGE, especially without a vote of the citizens who will foot the bill. For one thing, it is a commercial enterprise which breaks the promises made when voters in all parts of our city were asked to tax themselves almost a billion dollars to purchase the land for the Preserve. It is also a financial disaster - building it would drain a whopping 62 million taxpayer dollars from our Preserve and Bed Tax funds, diverting those dollars from more worthy projects or from being returned to citizens in the form of a reduced sales tax. And the annual operating deficit would have to be covered from the city's General Fund, which means either a tax increase to cover it, or less money for public safety, streets, parks and other important municipal needs.

Campaigns for Scottsdale City Council have become very expensive, and I will be fighting a great deal of special interest money and influence. If you can make a contribution you will find instructions about how to do so on my Help Kathy page, along with suggestions of other ways you can help my campaign.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me.

I ask for your support, and your vote in 2018, to continue to be a strong voice for the citizens of Scottsdale.

Your Voice On City Council

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