2015 Bonds

Last time a Scottsdale city bond request came before you, I chaired the "Say No" committee which helped defeat the bonds throughout Scottsdale. We were right to say no: it was much too large, and full of unnecessary projects and special interest giveaways.

When we defeated that bond package, you gave me a powerful gift: leverage. Now that I am on City Council, I have been able to use this gift on your behalf to create a reasonably-sized bond request which contains only those projects necessary to maintain your quality of life and to insure the quality of Scottsdale's infrastructure into the future.

This bond package has been pruned and cut until what is left is only the needed brick-and-mortar buildings that have not been built after 25 years of recognized need, and the replacement of old infrastructure either past its useful life or in dire straits due to disintegration and obsolete parts. After months of carefully scrutinizing each issue, I believe the special interest money has been stripped away. And, as a pragmatist, I reluctantly have concluded this bond issue is necessary for these projects to be completed. After all the years of city government ignoring them in favor of other, more favored projects, why would anyone think that their attitude would change now? Only bonds can guarantee by law that the will of the voters will be honored and that these particular projects will be built.

Please study the six questions (you can read the details of each bond question on the city web site) and consider voting FOR these bonds. You can vote for none, some, or all of the questions. The low cost of these bonds is about $11.49 annually per $100,000 of home valuation if all the bonds are passed and issued.

If the bonds are defeated, Scottsdale will not disintegrate into dust. But our infrastructure will continue its slow decay.

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